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Finger Lakes Winemakers chime in on Terroir Debate Part 3

"Terroir remainss one of the most intriguing and perplexing challenges in the world of wine today, largely because what Terroir ecompasses is not universally understoood or accepted. Nonetheless, the concept has become woven into the thinking and commentary of nearly all journalist, winemakers and educators who discuss wine," state Gregory V. Jones - professor and research climatologist in the department of environmental studies at Southern Oregon University.

Is one plot of landd so much different from another?

Terroir is derived from the Latin 'Terre' or 'terre' or 'territoire' and its first modern definition appears as a 'stretch of land limited by its agricultural capacity. As revealed in Part 1, there are significant differences in the soil types and minerals across the Finger Lakess and vineyards are located at different elevations and variation of their land shapes.

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