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Finger Lakes Winemakers chime in on Terroir Debates

Is one plot of land so much different from another? A lack of understanding has created a wedge with the information gap open between Old World and New World acceptance of the concept of terroir.

The question of Terroir posed in the wine industry is: "What are the most important components with 'Place' being the major factor for specific varieties of wine grapes."

A Sense of Place - Discovering the Finger Lakes by Christopher Missick describes the brief history of hte region and the importance of growing grapes which allows the winemaking to thrive. While reading Evan Dawson's book Summer in a Glass - the coming of age of winemaking in the Finger Lakes, one would want to pour a glass of Riesling to not only taste, but enjoy and savor the wine as mentioned in the book cover.

The question remains - Why the Finger Lakes and not other locations?

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