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Women, Wine and Football

The anticipation of autumn means harvest, the change of color in leaves and a remainder of what's coming with the brisk chill in the air, unless you're a fan of college and professional football, the weekends are dedicated to watching TV or attending games.

It's a time to dig in the closet and drawers to find the oversized team jersey, sweat shirts or t-shirts, team hats, flags and banners gathering all the other paraphernalia getting ready for game day, then hitting the grocery store to stock up on the favorite beer. That was the routine until about the last ten years when something changed. Female sports fans have become a much bigger segment of the audienceespecially when it comes to apparel sales. But, from the beginning, the female fans weren't quite satisfied with wearing oversized men's clothes. And the first attempt by the NFL in producing a female fan-gear collection called "pink-it and shrink-it fell short as women's version did not come in the actual colors.

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